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Moving head M575A

Technical Specifications
·Voltage: AC220-AC240V 50Hz
·Rated Power: 750W
·Lamp: HMI575W
·Color Temperature: 5600K
·Focus: Linearity adjustment
·Flash: 1-10 times/s
·Dimmer: Single-patch dimmer (0-100%).
·Board Display: LED digital display Screen
·Control Mode: Standard DMX512 Signal
·Channel: Standard Mode: 12 Channels;
Simplify Mode: 10 Channels
·Pan maximal scanner angle: 360°
·Tilt maximal scanner angle: 270°
·Working speed: Pan、Tilt scanner speed, 0.3S-20S
·Inching: Pan、Tilt (inching scope 3.6°)
·Gobo: one self-rotation gobo wheel with Bi-directional and speed-controllable rotate, 7 Gobos+open
·Gobo outside diameter size: 34mm
·Prism: one 3-facet with Bi-prism directional high speed rotate
·Color wheel: One color wheel, 7 color + open, with high speed rotate of rainbow effect.
·Address setting: Digital display (decimal system)
·Demo function: Program inside setting, stand alone and master/slave operation
·Packing size: 520×500×590 (mm)
·G/W: 29 kg